A Little Bit of Pendulums

Oh my goodness I can't describe the sheer excitement to be sharing with you all my very first book- A Little Bit of Pendulums!! 

To have a book as part of such a successful series of books, published by Sterling Publishing, had never entered into my world of something I would be part of. I am super proud and still overwhelmed that this little beauty is in book form! I had the most fun writing her and dealing with the publishers was such a delight. 

I like to think that she is a easy to read and jam packed full of pendulum information for the beginner and the more experienced- you can never have enough knowledge. This book may seem small on the outside but holy moly guacamole she is full on the inside. 

With content ranging from a brief history- to why use a pendulum, how to use the pendulum, tips before you get started, different types of pendulums, different pendulum circles to use (and blank ones to make your own) and so much more. 

There is a lot of information about connecting to your spirit guides/higher self with the use of your pendulum. Using the pendulum as a divination tool is such an amazing way to connect to your guides and to receive guidance and information from those that are energetically connected to you :) 

I have a few copies here only for Australian customers however you can also buy this amazing book from Booktopia , Book Depository , Amazon, Dymocks, Barnes and Noble, Angus and Robertson and most new age/spiritual shops and bookstores.