Beltane- October 31st-November 1st

Welcome to Beltane here in the southern hemisphere witches :) This is the fire festival celebrating all things fertility, sexuality, sensuality, passion, joy and the balance of male and female creative energies. 

The veil between the worlds is at its thinnest during samhain and beltane. Our connection to our ancestors is at its peak. As samhain represents the death- Beltane represents the new birth of life.

This festival is all about passionate unions of lovers- whether that is out in the field of love at midnight or the hand fasting of two lovers committed to life in marriage for a year and one day if they choose not to be wedded no more. Beltane speaks the language of Spring- new life, new growth, new beginnings, new love. An existence of oneself opens up after the cold wintery days. The days are now warm and longer and new life feels so fresh in the air.

Traditions of Beltane-

  • Handfasting of unions between lovers
  • Jumping the fire together or walking over the smoke for good luck. Couples who want to conceive hold hands and jump over the fire together. 
  • Dance around the Maypole (floral decoration= goddess and the pole= god) and decorate it with beautiful ribbon
  • Weave flowers in your hair  or make a flower wreath to celebrate the Beltane Bride 
  • Bathe or wash yourself over gently with the fresh morning dew for beauty and health all year round.
  • Dress is bright coloured clothes
  • Leave offerings for the fairies and elves

Altar decorations- I love to incorporate beautiful flowers and natures goodness onto my Beltane altar! Pick the most beautiful flowers in your garden or go and buy a bunch of flowers if you don't have a garden. Make a special wreath on your table and decorate with a green cloth of natural fibres. Add a vase of flowers or pop flower petals into your chalice for the element of water. Pop on green or yellow candles for the element of fire. Burn your favourite incense or find a feather fro our bird friends as your air element and place crystals such as- rose quartz, peridot, amber, citrine, tigers eye or sunstone as your element of earth. Place a pentacle in the middle for spirit. 

Herbs and Plants associated with Beltane- rose, wormwood, elderflower, marjoram, mugwort, thyme, cinnamon, vanilla, marigold, foxglove, lavender.

Gods and Goddesses- Aphrodite, Freya, Morgan le Fey, Blodeuwedd, the Green Man, Rhiannon, The Horned God Cernunnos.

Sit outside under your favourite tree at night and here the tinkering of faires as they speak to you. Decorate your favourite tree with ribbons of green, yellow and white and wrap them around and through each other while you envision a bountiful year ahead. 

Spells to do during Beltane: fertility, love, romance, spiritual communication, prosperity, abundance, growth

Happy Beltane everyone and enjoy the passionate energy that surrounds this time.

Blessed Be,

Dani x