Creating Rituals

Hello wildflowers :)

So today I'm going to talk about rituals and what they entail and how you can incorporate them into your daily (or almost daily) routine.

A ritual is a self love and self care practice that you can do daily. Its all about empowering you to do something that you love. It can be as small as saying a prayer of gratitude to your guides or a 5km run every morning.

I'll be concentrating on spiritual rituals in this blog as I don't run!! So my rituals aren't always done at the same time on everyday.... cause lets be realistic being a mum (or not)- life changes constantly. But what I do try and do is create a time and space just for myself to say thanks to my spiritual team for their guidance, support, love and connection. I love my ritual of lighting candles, playing soft music, gathering items that I fell intuitively pulled to get at that time (crystals, oils, incense, cards) and I sit in my sacred space and say a prayer of gratitude, dose myself with my herbal oil blends, pop herbal incense onto my charcoal disk, ask my guides to join me in meditation and ask for guidance on a particular topic- or just general guidance alone, and sit in meditation and enjoy the journey of whatever may be.


I also love to then journal as I find that journalling always brings guidance through into words. Then I pull a few cards, thank my guides, blow out my candle and enjoy the rest of my day.

I think its so important to have these practises just for yourself. Not only does your spiritual connection grow over time but so does your soul, your inner being, your heart grows and develops a love for self that you may never have felt. Once this love protrudes out you start to feel differently about everything and trust me its the most wonderful feeling in the world. Of course your going to have down days- this is human nature- but your view take on yourself, on others and the world will be a more positive one.

So your spiritual ritual may not be anything like mine and thats awesome because we are all so different which makes for a wonderfully exciting planet. I encourage you to listen to your heart, to your gut, to your intuition and do what is right for you!! Being spiritual has no guide book as your guide book is the one that is inside you- you just need to listen to it.

Let start taking time for ourselves, to enjoy our time alone, to connect to guidance and to do what your heart desires. This is what makes my heart happy and I'm sure it will make your happy too!!!

Dani xx