How to clear and cleanse energy.

Clearing energy has been around for centuries- Native Americans traditionally use white sag, which unfortunately has been over harvested through out the years especially recently with the surge of popularity that is smudge stick energy clearing. 

There are many other beautiful plants around, such as lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, sweet grass etc, that can be used to clear the negative and stagnant energies from yourself, your house, your furniture.... anything!

The smoke of burning these plants is said to create negative ions which removes the positive ions that stick to airborne particles creating bacteria etc! Research has said that these negative ions released form the smoke of these plants enable moods to be lifted putting you in a better mood, increasing spiritual awareness, improving clarity of thought etc. 

Its such a wonderful ritual to do for yourself and your family and friends. Cleanse the energy of your house when you feel the need to do it- perhaps you feel negative and stagnant energy, your moods may be low, perhaps you have had an argument with a loved one and you really need the energy to be back to normal again. Maybe you have moved house and you want to start fresh by cleansing the energy of each room or you have bought a piece of furniture and you want to cleanse it from the energy of the previous owner. Crystals, pendulums, sacred items, oracle and tarot cards- you name it they can all be cleanse by the smoke of the herbs. 

There are plenty of products out there to buy. Its all about personal preference and which one suits you. If you share a house with others and they don't like the smell of burning herbs- then use a cleansing spray. If you feel at ease using loose incense on a charcoal disk instead of lighting a wand/ stick and worrying about the embers, then use that. I have a beautiful range tin my store that you can choose from; clearing spray, loose herbal incense and wands/sticks. 

Clearing Spray 

The beauty about the clearing spray is that you can use this anywhere. Take it with you and spray when needed. Perhaps you have been to a shopping centre and you may have others energies attached- use this to spray your aura and cleanse you from the energy of others. I love using this spray in between reiki clients as the smell if smoke can be too much for some people. I also love using this spray to cleanse the aura of my clients as well after a reiki session. Its easy, versatile and works its magic beautifully. 

Herbal Clearing Wands

These are so much fun to make and I adore them! I use what has grown in my garden- rosemary, lavender, roses and eucalyptus leaves. I sometimes add white sage leaves that I have grown here in my garden. Its sustainable and works within the environment that I live in. Each plant all have cleansing, protective and clearing properties to them which make them fantastic to use in the wands.

Simply light the end of the wand- hold it down in a 45 degree angle-and allow the fire to burn the wand for about 15-20 seconds and then wave the wand to remove the flame and then simply allow the smoke to rise. Once the wand has been ignited and smoke is wafting place a heat proof dish under the wand to catch the embers and start clearing. If you are clearing the energy of your house then start at the front and walk around the house and each room in a clockwise direction until you get back to where you have started. I always liked to start with the intention of clearing away any negative and stagnant energy that does not serve the higher good of this house  and ask for my "wisdom beyond" to help in achieving this. Its always a beautiful ritual to start with your intentions. You may find that you need to reignite the wand. Always open doors and windows to allow the energy to leave. 

Once you have finished with the wand/stick then place the burning tip into some sand or dirt to stop the burning process. 

Herbal Incense Blend

This incense is used ins such the same way as the wands however you are popping the blend on a charcoal disk in a cauldron or any heat proof dish that you like. You can buy charcoal disks here or at any new age shop. Hold the charcoal disk and ignite one end until it starts sparking. Hold it for awhile to allow the charcoal disk to spark- be careful not to let the sparks get to close to your fingers as you will burn yourself. Once you start feeling the heat of the disk place it down on the san in your dish and let the charcoal continue burning. If the disk stops sparking then re light it ( you may have to pick it up and light underneath) until the disk has completely stopped sparking and its hot. The disk will now start to turn grey so now you can pop some of your herbal incense on top. You will need to top up the incense as it will burn out. 

I have a range of cauldrons and dishes in the shop that you can use. 

Sound Vibrations

You can also use singing bowls, tibetan tingshas/cymbals, crystal bowls, drums, chanting singing etc. I have a beautiful range of singing bowls and tingshas in the shop. The vibration of these tools help shift the energy and break it up allowing the energy to move on. 


Have you ever thought to use your pendulum to remove negative and stagnant energy? I use this method regularly and its amazing! Sit in the centre of the room- or house- that you want to clear and make sure you are in a comfortable position as this can take around 5 minutes or so. 

Ask the pendulum to please remove any negative energy that may be in this room- or house, or even around you- and hold the pendulum out in front of you. The pendulum will start moving. Mine starts moving in an up/down motions, then it will move to a side to side motion and then it will start spinning in anti-clockwise for about 5 minutes. I love to visualise the energy swirling in this pendulum cyclone and then down into the earth for transmutation. Once the pendulum has finished clearing the energy it will then slow down and then mine starts spinning in a clockwise direction- bringing in positive energy! However your pendulum spins you know when it has finished once it starts to move ion the opposite direction of the clearing motion. 

Give it a go its super fun!


You can also use crystals to clear away energy. Clear quartz, black obsidian, selenite, smoky quartz are all great crystals that you can use to help shift energy from negative to positive. 


Do you ever feel that when your down you need sunlight? Or when the moon is full all you want to do is stand there and absorb her light! Well moonlight and sunlight all have cleansing properties to them- moonlight with her soft feminine energy and sunlight with its stronger masculine energy. 

So as you can see there are a number of ways to clear the energy. Always remember too have positive intentions while your performing a clearing ceremony and most importantly enjoy the process. 


Salt is a wonderful purifier and this method of clearing energy has been used for centuries. Salt acts like a barrier for the negative energy- so I love to put a bowl of salt in my front entrance and renew the salt every few weeks. I also love to line my the entrances of my house (doors, gates etc) with salt when we go away to keep nasty entities out! Salt absorbs the negative and stagnant energy and then dissipates that energy. 

You can also make up a mixture of salty water and pop that in a spritzer bottle and spray when needed.


Dani x