Manifesting via Journalling

Hello Beautiful Souls

So today I am talking about Manifesting via Journalling. I put up a post a few weeks back about how I manifested our move down to Margaret River and I had a few of you ask how to do it- How do you Manifest through journalling? So I thought what better topic to write on than this! Lets delve in. 

I absolutely am a believer that your thoughts and actions truly pave the way for you to manifest a life that you want to create! This is however without the exception of working towards it. This is not simply a cut pictures out, paste them in a journal, think a few thoughts of how your life will be with these changes and viola your manifesting has turned into reality! If only it were that simple :) 

Manifesting has many aspects to it and I love the way that Jordanna Levin in her book, Make it Happen- Manifest the life of your dreams, has summed it up in an equation of:

Thoughts + Feelings + Actions + Faith= Successful Manifestation.

You need to think always of what and how you are going to achieve your manifesting goal. You need to feel into how this will change your life, how will this change make you feel when it happens? You need to take ACTION. This is so important as thoughts and feeling cannot proceed without you taking action towards your goal. And having faith that the universe has heard you and will respond when the time is right. 

Okay so I will go through with you how I manifested our house here in Margaret River. It has taken a good few years for my manifesting to have become my reality so don't think that it will happen overnight. I have always wanted to move to the country. My husband and I lived in the Northwest of WA for five years for Nicks work and as much as I wasn't a huge fan of Karratha, I was a huge fan of the country community. We then moved back to Perth and moved into a beautiful home in Palmyra- which everybody described as our "forever home". Yes I loved it as well but something was missing! We lived there for 4.5 years and we made some life long friends living in that street and suburb but my heart was aching to move to more trees and well... basically down south WA. 

So a few years ago I started a manifesting journal. I pasted in cut outs of locations from magazines and print outs, pictures of what our house will look like and words to describe our life down here. I was constantly thinking of how our life will be down here- how life will be for the kids. I was on pretty much daily hunting new properties that were on the market. I was badgering my poor husband all the time about moving down here. And I believed that ONE day we would make this happen- it will just all fall into place when needed. I had faith that I would move our family down here one day. 

So my parents moved down here late last year and we visited them so frequently that we may as well have lived here :) Again I was on finding houses and writing in my journal ideas that came into my head about houses, work, lifestyle. I was still on the manifesting journey- I was not to give up! The house we bought was on the market for quite sometime and I remembered seeing it at christmas time thinking that this is our house. I showed it to my husband and he just said nope. So Easter comes around and our green house is still on the market and I said to nick that we should go and have a look- he agreed and well here we are. We took a chance and its paid off. 

So back to the manifesting drawing board- I had cut out pictures of houses that were so similar to this house, I had written words that describes our location perfectly, I had actioned my thoughts of what I wanted to my husband all the time (sometimes I'm actually surprised he is still here haha) and I had daydreamed everyday of living in the country. 

It works- it really does!! You just need to put in the hard work and never give up. You can't simply put a few pictures and words in a book and job done- manifesting will happen. Nope- it does not work like that. You need to annoying, you need to have the passion, you need to get fired up, you need to be proactive, you need to trusting that theres divine timing for everything, you need to have a voice and your opinion, you need to have faith.

So beautiful souls you have work to do! Before you get started you need a few tools. 

  • A beautiful Journal (there are some amazing ones on the website.. just here )
  • A few really nice pens and markers and glue.
  • Some magazines.. or as I have done printed pictures that I have found on pinterest or even Instagram.
  • These are optional but I used them and I love them as a magical aid to amplify your manifesting skills- crystals, herbs and oils. I will post a few different options below for you to use and there are packs in the store as well for you to purchase if you would like too :) 

As manifesting can come in many forms theres not one manifesting package that I can make up. I had to make up a few options for the type of manifesting you are creating- for example to bring love into your life, to bring in abundance (this could be in the form of money, happiness, love, new car, new house,change etc), new career, better health etc. So lets stick with these as they are the most common topics to manifest your life around.

LOVE: We all want wonderful love in our life and this could be in the form of loving ourselves, love from a partner, friendship, family etc. So here are a few things that can help you on our way to manifesting love.

  • Crystals: Rose Quartz, moonstone, rhodonite 
  • Herbs: Rose, jasmine, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Marjoram. 
  • Oils: Jamine, Gardenia, Ylang Ylang and Lavender.

If you love the sound of this you can find the kit here

ABUNDANCE:  Abundance really does cover a whole range of manifesting topics. I used this while manifesting for our home as well as selling our home in perth. You can use these tools for manifesting more money, better business, new career, new home, new car, more happiness and joy in your life etc. 

  • Crystals: Citrine, green aventurine, pyrite and tigers eye. 
  • Herbs: Chamomile, cinnamon, allspice, spearmint, clove, pennyroyal.
  • Oils: Ginger, bergamot, basil.

If you love the sound of this you can find the kit here

I feel that these two are probably the most common so I have left it to just these two packs that you can buy or do yourself :) I have made up a pack with the crystals mentioned and a herbal mix of the above herbs anointed with the essential oils that you can use while you manifest- either burn them as a incense or glue some in your journal or sprinkle some around the space in which you r are journalling- gosh anything is possible - just your intuition and imagination :) 

Here are some add ons:

Health- Clear quartz, red jasper, bloodstone and garnet. 

Career- citrine, green fluorite, lapis lazuli, sodalite, carnelian 

Luck- turquoise, tigers eye

Creativity- celestine, yellow fluorite, moonstone, amazonite

Protection- black tourmaline, hematite, amethyst

So there you have it wonderful people a quick guide to manifesting your dreams! So get your books out and start manifesting :) Im now onto my business/shop :) 

Much love 

Dani x