Meditation- start of a beautiful journey of self discovery

When I started my spiritual journey the first things I did was buy some crystals and oracle cards and read up about meditating. There is a lot of information out their and I bought a book and read about 20 pages of it!! I got the basics- find a quite, sacred place and either sit on a cushion on the floor, sit on a chair with your feet on the floor or lie down. Seeing as though my house is filled to the brim with cushions- I chose the cushion option :)

The whole purpose of meditating is to quite your mind and relax your body. Its hard to do at first as your mind is racing a million miles an hour but thats where mediating can help- it can stop the 'busyness' of life. We somehow have glorified the idea of being busy all the time! Why??

It is very hard to completely quieten the mind- in fact impossible so you will always have thoughts popping up but the aim is the shut them down as soon as they rear their ugly head. If this happens just focus your attention on your breathe in/out or music if you have some playing, etc.


So once you have your cushion, sit crossed legged and if you have to lean against a wall, chair-basically anything that will help make you comfortable as this is what I do as my lower back can get really sore after awhile. I start by inhaling my oils of choice for that day, take three deep breathes and then place it on the floor lid open so I can continue to smell it through out my meditation.

I place my hands on my knees and either have my palms facing up or I place my thumb and index finger together to make a circle in each hand (this is called the Gyana Mudra- symbolises focus and transformation). By placing your palms up- to me it's like inviting the spiritual realm into your meditation and accepting the energy that comes with it.

Close your eyes and take three really long deep breathes in and out and then return to your normal breathing. Focus your thoughts on the rise and fall of your chest- this helps when you start out to get your busy mind to slow down.

Here are a few other ways to focus your thoughts during meditation-

  • play some soft, relaxing music and just listen to the notes, rhythm, tune and loose yourself in the melody of the music.
  • Buy a beautiful mala necklace and focus on the touch and feel of each bead.
  • Feel into your body- start with your feet and work up and take note of what each part feel like (tense, relaxed, numbness, tingling, cold, hot etc)
  • Focus on the smell of an essential oil
  • Guided meditations are wonderful- there are heaps on the internet and are great way to focus your attention and to stop the mind from wandering to everyday thoughts :)


You can sit here for as long as you want. I know, as a mum, its bloody difficult to find time every day to do this and trust me I don't do it everyday but I make a conscious effort to do it at 1-2 times a week. If you can't do it everyday its not a vital.  It's my time to connect to spirit, connect to self and connect to love. It's my self love ritual that I have found has changed me for the better. Do it before bed, do it early in the morning before everyone gets up, jeepers whack a movie on and plonk the kids in front of it :) I try and get the kids to do it with me but most of the time they aren't interested- cool maybe one day they will. Once you start and notice an incredible change in yourself you won't want to stop!!

The more I have meditated the more connected I feel with my spirit guides and angels- however it takes awhile and I still have a long way to go but seeing colours, images, having knowing feelings, and listening to the words that flow is so exciting and amazing. However more on that on a different day!


Some of the benefits of meditating-

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Brings you into a state of relaxation and calmness
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Increases your awareness of self and others and brings out a sense of love to one and everyone.
  • Changes your perception of life and what REALLY is important ( materialistic positions start to become a thing of the past)
  • Increases your feelings of love, happiness, compassion, empathy and general wellbeing.
  • You start getting more of an understanding about your body and what needs attention.
  • Helps balance hormones.
  • Improves memory, focus and cognition.
  • the list really can go on and on!!!

So I hear some of you saying "What if I don't want to sit on a cushion and close my eyes- are there other ways?" Absolutely YES!! Here are some-

  • Go for a walk or run in the fresh air and focus solely on the movement of your legs, your breath, the environment around you.
  • YOGA!!!!
  • Colour in one of those millions of mindfulness colouring- in books.
  • Dance like no one is watching.
  • Cook and really focus on everything you are doing, the smells, the textures, etc.
  • Create a masterpiece- if you can draw!!
  • Craft- sewing, knitting,crocheting, anything that gets those creative juices flowing.
  • Gardening and really getting your hands into nature.


  • IMG_4671.JPG

I love to incorporate crystals, candles/incense, journalling and oracle/tarot cards into my meditation practice. However each of these are a topic in themselves so I will follow on with more information in a blog post each in the next few days or so.

Lets get soul groovy and start meditating peeps- I think everybody needs to do it as it will make this world a much better place and it will make your way of thinking so much better- you'll start thinking WTF was I actually thinking, stressing, worrying, prioritising about before this and I can guarantee you'll shake your head!! Peace out meditators :)