My little collection of Witchy Spell Books

Hello beautiful souls and welcome to this blog post all about my collection of witchy spell books. I love sharing with you all the books I have because I love seeing the collection of books that others have- it always sparks that flame to want to delve deeper and read more. I love reading- would buy books over clothes anyday!!

So here are my go to's for starting up witchcraft, for referencing and finding magical components for your spells and for spell casting. I found that on my journey of witch craft it can be very daunting as there is so much information out there and some of it can be pretty intense! I very much appreciate the witches, wiccans and pagans that have practiced for many many years and they have quiet strict practices that they follow and it is quiet complicated but I am too starting out and I find that in my view it doesn't need to be quiet so complicated. I like to call myself a solitary green witch or hedge witch. I love to focus my practice around nature. But the beauty of witchcraft is that everyone is different and everyone has their own unique style. So here goes:


Books for beginner witches:

  • Wiccapedia- Shawn Robbins and Leanna Greenaway. A great and easy read for those starting. Simple layout and easy to flick through for referencing.
  • The Good Witches Guide: Shawn Robbins and Charity Bedell. Another fantastic starting book that focuses a lot on magical properties and correspondences of herbs, crystals, candles, colours etc. It also introduces your to tinctures, teas, essences in both the magical and medicinal purposes. There are plenty of spells and they are sectioned into categories of what you want to cast for and extra bit and bobs that are super helpful. I reference this book quiet regularly for what I need to cast spells and even for my tincture making! Be on the lookout as very soon I will be offering this book as part of a beginners soul craft witchy pack that I will offer in my etsy shop.
  • The Green Witch- Arin Murphy-Hiscock. Oh gosh I love this book!! I think because I really resonate with everything that is written in here. It focuses solely on green witchery- how to use the elements, the seasons, the power that is in nature herself.. gosh the content goes on. You will learn the basic information on most aspects of green witchery- what is it, tools to use, making sacred space, tune into earth and mother nature, grounding yourself, working with the four elements, seasons, equinoxes, solstices, rituals, meditation, sun, moon and stars, magic of trees, herbs and flowers, crystals, gardening, creating magic, and healing.
  • Witch- Lisa Lester. This book is so much fun to read!! Lisa's way with words is refreshing and entertaining. She is I couldn't put this book down. Its captivating because she writes about her story and her journey and she will get your fires burning with witchy desire. She passionate and doesn't give a fuck what anybody thinks which is exactly what this world needs. Be raw, be passionate and be yourself!! She goes into the history of witchcraft, into the remembrance of the ways, into going deep within yourself and your past and to push through the barriers. She also then goes into brief detail again the magical correspondences of herbs, flowers,  the astrological elements, the sabbats, the tools of the trade, divination etc. Great book to read.



Spell books:

  • The Big Book of Practical Spells- Everyday magic that works: Judika Illes. This book is wonderful as a spell book but also as a reference and informative book. Judikas books are so beautiful and this one is like a small version of the mammoth encyclopedia of spells. I love that at the beginning of this boom you find very informative descriptions of starting out and the magical correspondences of certain elements, colours, plants, and crystals. She also talks about animal totems, spirit land, supplies.. gosh the list goes on. Then you find the spell section which is beautiful and informative. I love this book and I reckon you will too.
  • The Encyclodia of 5000 spells- Judika Illes. This book is like having a magical sorcery right in your own home!! Its jam packed full of information and spells!! This one is for the display cabinet- display her with pride. She will enforce the magic from within and you will get swept away with wisdom and magic. I reference  her all the time and I just love to sit and read her when I feel I want to absorb some witchy knowledge. Shes worth every penny you spend on her.
  • The Modern Witchcraft Spell Book: Skye Alexander. This is another beautiful book full of information and spells to cast. Its practical, its easy to understand and it packs a lot of punch in the way of information. Be swept away with this book as you launch yourself into the world of magic.
  • Spellbound:Lucy Cavendish. Lucy is a australian practising witch and she is amazing. I love this book because again its so magical! Also because she is australian you will find that she will be basing her information on the aspect of the southern hemisphere then the northern and this is super important in the way of casting your circle, the sabbats etc.
  • 1001 Spells: Cassandra Eason. Cassandra Eason is a very well respected and knowledgable witch. This book is a lot of fun and very easy to cast spells with. There are so many spells (1001 ;) ) that there is practically a spell for anything and if not then there will be one similar and you can adjust.

Books for wisdom, referencing and knowledge.

  • A witches Bible-Janet and Stewart Farrar. I have not read this book from front to back only skimmed a few pages here and there but when I get time I would love to read this book throughout. One for the more serious minded witches that would like to practice more in a tradition sense.
  • The Shamanic Witch: Gail Wood. This is a great one for more the shamanic inclined witch. I bought this book because shamanism is something that I am very interested in getting to know more about and by flicking through this book it gets me really excited to start reading.
  • Grimoire for the Green Witch: Ann Moura. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! This is THE book that I reference almost daily too. It has everything you need to know about magical correspondences, properties, spells, moons, astronomy, botanicals, crystal, potions, candles, runes, tarot.... witch you name it is has!! This is a must buy.

Okay well that was a start so enjoy buying and enjoy reading and practicing to your way of witchy goodness.

Blessed Be,

Dani xx