Oracle Cards- How to use them!

Hello wildflowers :) I had the most the amazing womens circle on sunday night and we delved into the world of spirituality and how you tap into increasing your connection with your guides and inner self and this included using oracle cards. Some had used them before and others hadn't so I thought I would write a post up about the use of these amazing cards.


So what exactly are oracle cards? Oracle cards are deck of cards that are used for guidance, divination and for answering specific questions that you may have. Oracle cards use your energetic field to tap into your higher self and with your spirit guides to reveal a card best suited for your question. As you shuffle the cards your spiritual energy is being used to determine the best card for you at that time- it will either jump out of the pack, poke out of the deck, you might be drawn to a certain card, or your gut says stop while your shuffling and you pull the one from the top. It doesn't matter how you go about it- always listen to your intuition, your gut feeling!

Each deck is different and that is one of the differences with oracle cards and tarot. Always pick a deck of cards that your are drawn to you and trust me you will be drawn to many- once you start you can't stop! Oracle cards can come in many different styles from angels, fairies, nature and earth based, gods and goddess, deities, chakras, crystals, or a mix of everything. Each pack comes with a guide book of what each card means which is great to use when you start but when you get to know your cards you can intuitively read the meaning of them to your question.


So you have the cards- now what? Always keep your cards cleansed!!! Cleanse them as soon as you get them home from the shop, cleanse them after someone has used them, cleanse them after being in use for awhile- they can collect stagnant energy or cleanse when you simply feel the need to do so. Its so important to keep your cards free from others energies, stagnant past energies, or even negative energies. I like to do a quick cleansing ritual every time I use them.

So how do you cleanse your deck?

  • Smudge sticks- the smoke of the smudge will cleanse the cards- just be sure that the smoke reaches to every card and while you do this have the intention that the cards are now cleaned and ready to use for our higher good.
  • Moon light- I love to always put my cards out on the full moon to get that beautiful soft feminine energy into them again. I do smudge them first then pop them out for a good moon bath.
  • Give them a little knock- Yep hold your cards in your hand and with the other just give them a knock and imagine the old energy leaving the cards and hitting the floor.
  • Crystals- I love to use my selenite wand or tower to cleanse them. Just scan the deck with the selenite. Also I love using amethyst, clear and smoky quartz to cleanse- I just place these crystals onto the deck and leave them overnight.
  • White light- White light is so powerful at cleansing, protecting and connecting. So what I do is I sit in my sacred space and hold the cards in my left hand (receiving) and with my right hand (giving) I place it over the top of the deck close my eyes and imagine a beautiful white light coming from the sky and surrounding my body and giving my right hand an abundance of white light to cover the deck in. As I do this I set the intention to cleanse this deck from any energy that no longer serves it higher good.

Okay so you deck is now ready to use. This is the fun part- you get to play cards with your spirit guides and any higher being you want to work with. You can pull a card anywhere at anytime. You don't need to be all set up with an alter- you can do it on your lounge! I like to sit at my desk in my room and do it, only cause thats where I keep my cards but I take them camping with me and sit in the caravan- so anywhere is good!!


So now you can ask a question. It can be relevant to past, present or future. It could simply be "Can I have some guidance for today". You can ask anything just be sure that its clear and understandable and that you are putting your energy and intentions into it just so you get the best answer possible.

You may want to pull one card or three!! You may want a whole spread of 10 cards!! It doesn't matter how you do it. I usually pull one card a day- its easy, simple and you get a welcome rounded answer. You can do a past, present, future spread, a yearly spread- one card a month, a chakra spread.... what ever tickles your fancy , you can even make one up. Usually in the guide books that come with the cards there are examples of spreads that you can use.


Okay so start shuffling girlfriend. You can shuffle your cards anyway you want to. I have a weird way of shuffling cards cause I can't do it like the pros at the casino! You could even lay your cards out on the table and shuffle them around and then pick one that is calling you. It doesn't matter, so long as you put your energy into it and your intentions and questions. So once you start shuffling you may notice a card jumps out of the pack- use this!! Or a card may be poking its little head out- use this. These cards are giving you the nudge that they want to be used- they have your message. If this doesn't happen then simply shuffle until you feel ready to stop and you can pull from the top, break the deck and pull one from the middle. Use your intuition and what feels right for you.


Okay so now you have your card/s now what? Well you can either grab the book that comes with the deck and read the description associated with the card or read it yourself- tune into the card and see what description comes to you. The meaning of the card doesn't have to be the meaning that the book says!! This is your journey and your way of answering the card to the question put forth. You may want to write this down in your journal for future reference if you like.

Thats it wildflowers- flow with your cards and connect with them- form a bond with them and soon they will be one of your best mates :)