Ostara- Spring Equinox

Hello gorgeous souls and happy Ostara to the ones in the Southern Hemisphere and Mabon in the Northern hemisphere. Ostara is celebrated in September from between 20-23rd and it marks the spring equinox- this means that there is exactly equal time in day and night and from this day forth days are getting longer and nights are shorter. 

Its a time of sweet celebration! The celebration of new beginnings and growth. We have awoken from the hermit period of hibernation from the cold winter days and now there is emergence forth to reawaken our firry spirit. The flowers are blossoming, the bees are humming, people are smiling and laughing, there is optimisms and hope in the air and everywhere you look there is new growth! 

Now is the perfect time to get outside and cleanse and rejuvenate your energy with the power off the suns rays. Stand amongst the flowers and trees and bask in all their glory and feel your body and energy field be filled with this vibrant new energy and feel the stagnant energy from the winter break slowly peeling itself from you and down into the earth for transmutation. 

The Goddess Ostara is celebrated at this time as she is the goddess of fertility to the land and its people. The hare is associated with Ostara and hence why at this time we paint eggs to celebrate life and new growth. I find a beautiful way to honour the festival of Ostara is to gather native or non native plants and find a sacred place in your home and decorate it with these beautiful flowers and grab your journal and meditate on what you would like to grow and birth into the next few months. Have rose quartz and moonstone with you to help lift the feminine energy. 

Use this day to really feel gratitude for the new growth that mother earth is giving us. Help her by planting more plants or a tree and tend to the ones you already have. Talk to the plants and let them you know that every flower and scent is magnificent. Write your intentions of growth and new beginnings on a ribbon and tie it to a tree.

Many Ostara spring time blessings,

Dani xx