About Us

Amongst The Wildflowers is a place to shop, to connect and to inspire your space, your soul and yourself. We offer uniquely beautiful items to adorn your sacred space, to adorn your body, to adorn your soul and to adorn the little ones in your life. Its magical, spiritual, sacred and empowering. Amongst the Wildflowers brings back community and simple living. 

Dani is the owner of Amongst The Wildflowers and she is a mother to two beautiful little girls and a wife to a beautiful man. She resides in Perth, Western Australia. Her ambition to bring together women and form a strong bond within communities. She wants to share with you all her learnings- of making, creating, sustaining through her love of nature, flowers, spirituality and craft. 

Come along on this journey with Dani as we embark on a new life- a life of simplicity and getting back down to our wise women roots of natural healing, creating magic and embracing each other again. Lets bring back our villages and lets share together what we know and lets form a world of togetherness again but not in front of a screen! 

Amongst The Wildflowers offers not only wonderful and unique items but we also offer you womens circles, reiki healing, pop up shops and a place to unite together and bring smiles to our faces. Lets slow down, lets be happy and lets be together! 

Dani xx

Please email me at lovedani@iinet.net.au for any enquiries :)