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Love Incense Blend

Love Incense Blend

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This amazing love blend is made up specifically with herbs and flowers magically associated with creating love into your life. Burn this incense over the top of a charcoal disk in a cauldron or incense burner and let the waft of the smoke and scent send you into a dream of what love you would like to bring into your life. I love to use this incense when meditating and performing a love spell. Top up the blend on the charcoal disk when needed. 

Another beautiful way to use the blend is to add a pinch to into a medicine bag and intuitively add crystals for a boost of love throughout the day. I love to use this for days when I feel like I need to put out to the universe for a little help in the love department- such as a finding a aromatic partner or to invite more friends into your life, or simply to feel love for others more often!

You could also use the love potion that is available (Under potions in Adorn soul) with the incense to really create that love boost in spells.The possibilities are endless- have fun :) 

Comes in a 80ml bottle