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This Moon pack is for your new moon and full moon rituals. Decorate your altar with these amazing moon products to heighten your moon vibes when the moon is full or when the moon is dark. 

What is inside the pack:

  • Queen of the Moon Oracle by Stacey Demarco. Use these cards for guidance during your moon rituals. What do you need to grow or expand during the waxing phase? What do you need to let go off during the waning phase? What area in your life do you need to really focus your power on on the full moon? They are beautiful cards to work with.
  • Silver Moon Resin Dish- this dish is stunning and is perfect to pop your little trinkets in- crystals, herbs, notes.. anything that represents the power of the moon for you. 
  • Clear Quartz Crystal Sphere with Pentacle Stand- This to me represents the power of the Full moon. I love to write my spells and pop them under this sphere, especially on a Full Moon as the power at full moon is at its highest! If your soul calls for the moon, this sphere can be on your altar all the time to represent her :)
  • Selenite- Selenite has a pure and high vibrational energy to it- it cleanse, purifies and allows you to get into a state of high vibration. Selenite is named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, and she invokes this powerful spiritual energy. The tower can represent the stairway to the moon- invoke the energy of Selenite to amplify your moon magic. 
  • Moonstone Tumble- Moonstone channels the power of the moon and the inner goddess thats inside. It helps bring out our femininity, our creative streak, passion, change, intuition, insight, helps calm and balance our emotions, releases energy blocks and brings peace of mind. Great to use for female related issues such as PMS, pregnancy, childbirth etc.