Protection Incense Blend

Protection Incense Blend

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This amazing protection blend is made up specifically with herbs and resins magically associated with protection- for yourself or your surroundings. Burn this incense over the top of a charcoal disk in a cauldron or incense burner and let the waft of the smoke and scent invoke protection around you and your space. I love to use this incense when meditating and performing spells to protect me from any negative energies or to protect from others energies if you feel you may have had a hex spell placed on you (send the energy back to the supplier). Top up the blend on the charcoal disk when needed. 

Another beautiful way to use the blend is to add a pinch into a medicine bag and intuitively add crystals for a boost of protective magic. I love to use this for days when I feel like I need protection from others energies through out the day- especially if you are an empath and tend to feel others emotions and their energy tends to stick to you!

I also like to use this when casting spells to form a circle around my working area as a protection circle while I work magic. 

The possibilities are endless- have fun :) 

Comes in a 80ml bottle.